Meet the Little Bear Team

Little Bear Counseling is home to six therapists. Each therapist is unique in what they offer as well as the experience they bring to the counseling room. Little Bear Counseling is exclusive in that the focus of the practice is relationship counseling using our extensive knowledge of adult attachment and how that impacts relationships. All therapists have training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in addition to their own trainings and experiences. Click on their profiles to learn more!

Marianne is a personable counselor specializing in somatic work or "body work." This powerful form of therapy is helpful in treating trauma, anxiety, and other troublesome issues. Wondering if she is a good fit for you? Click on her name to learn more about her. 

Emily is a personable therapist who works with couples using EFT. She is passionate about helping couples repair their relationships through deepening their connection and understanding of one another. Emily’s warmth and empathy help people feel accepted. Wondering if she's is a good fit? Click her name to read her bio.

Laura is a kind and thorough counselor. has a background in crisis management, adoption, and family issues. She is passionate about helping parents and couples figure out how to be the best versions of themselves for their families. Click her name to learn more!

Rachael is a counselor, supervisor, and the proud owner at Little Bear Counseling. She is passionate about working with couples and adult relationships using EFT. Want to learn more? Check out her profile!

Alana Vosen, MS, PCLC

Alana is a warm and relatable counselor. She enjoys working with both individuals and couples. She has training in EFT and offers EMDR. Conveniently, Alana is available during evenings and on weekends. Sound like what you need? Click on her name to learn more.

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