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What We Believe

At Little Bear Counseling, we believe that feeling connected through secure and healthy attachments is the heart of our work. We hope to help you nurture and grow this special bond between you and your important people, whether partner, parent or child. 

Our Core

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Our Philosophy

Why Attachment?

We all learn how to relate through patterns we develop with our primary caregivers in childhood. If we are attended to, loved, touched, and met with empathy (most of the time), we learn that our needs matter and that we can depend on others for love and support. However, many of us had adverse childhood experiences, and we may have learned that people cannot be trusted, depended on, or that we have to fight to get what we need. We might not have learned that vulnerability is positive and helpful, or how to show empathy. 

We used to believe that bonding with another human was only crucial to our survival as infants, but we know now that close bonds allow us to thrive throughout the lifespan. If our attachments and connections are secure, we are healthier, happier, and better able to withstand stress. If they are insecure or unstable, our entire quality of life can suffer. This is why we want to help cultivate stronger and more secure bonds for our clients. 

When we are securely connected, nothing gets in our way, we feel we can take on the world, and that someone always has our back. In times of relationship distress and insecurity, we become stressed, anxious, distant, numb, and shutdown.

How We Help

At Little Bear, we specialize in helping couples, families and individuals create more security and connection. We primarily do this through the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy--a model of therapy based in attachment and connection in relationships. All of our therapists are trained in EFT, and we also provide supportive interventions such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing.

Take this attachment quiz to see where you are on the spectrum of attachment!

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