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We are thrilled to announce the introduction to Hold Me Tight ® workshops. Our goal is to run weekend workshops every few months and to eventually begin Hold Me Tight® evening groups. Below we have listed more information for attending a Hold Me Tight® workshop.

HOLD ME TIGHT® via Webinar

Coming soon in early 2018!

We will be offering the Hold Me Tight® workshop via webinar early this year. Included in the webinar are video example of real couples working through this interactive, engaging educational workshop with a counselor. In addition to activities and discussion topics, you will receive an educational talk with each section.

A live Q&A will be available to call in to or to listen to the recording of it.

No counselor needed to walk you through this program. If you find yourself stuck, we recommend contacting one of our counselors to help get you through the part you are stuck and moving onto the next section! 

Please use our email form below if you have questions about this exciting, new, opportunity!


Ask about your organization hosting a workshop!

This workshop is designed for former, new, and existing clients of Little Bear Counseling. Not a client of Little Bear Counseling? Inquire if this workshop is appropriate for you.

Hold Me Tight® workshops are transformational weekends for couples. During this workshop, elements of education, large group discussion, and directed conversations with your partner lead to deeper and more connected relationships. Couples who attend these workshops report faster movement in couples counseling. In addition, these workshops can be extremely useful for couples who are in individual counseling but would like a small dose of couples work.

The cost for this two-day workshop is $300. If you are interested in obtaining CE's, please inquire beforehand.

Ask about your organization hosting a workshop!

Hold Me Tight® 

9:00 AM -

5:00 PM

C'Mon Inn,

Bozeman, MT

Hold Me Tight® Registration Information

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