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Image by Harold Wainwright

Marriage + Couples

Is Couples Counseling Right For You?

At Little Bear Counseling, we primarily focus on relationship counseling and often the most important relationship to people is their own romantic relationship. Why so much focus on couples? In the words of couples therapist David Schnarch, "Relationships are people-growing machines."

We believe that in relationships, we experience both the best and the worst of who we are. Have you ever marveled at just how much you are capable of giving your partner? On the flip-side, have you ever wondered how your partner has the ability to turn you into the unhappiest, most miserable person on the planet? 

     We believe all of this occurs because relationships stretch us and grow us in more ways than we ever imagined were possible. When we are in loving and trusting relationships, we can fully reach our potential as individuals. However, when we are in highly contentious and precarious relationships we can shrivel into non-productive, insecure, needy, angry, and helpless individuals.

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